Sova Assessment Suite

Sova Assessment is Parisima’s chosen partner for assessment.

Sova talent assessments provide a future-focused view of people and potential, for recruitment and development, at every career stage, at every level.

Personalised to the organisation and to the role, Sova Assessment offers a customised and relevant assessment journey that is unrestricted by legacy frameworks, free from bias and is up to 90% accurate at predicting future high performers.

  • Off-the shelf or bespoke. Our highly qualified team of British Psychological Society Chartered Occupational Psychologists will work with you to configure the solution that meets your needs. This might be an off-the shelf solution, a bespoke solution built around your competency framework, or a combination that incorporates some of your own content.
  • Artificial intelligence. Sova’s platform offers optional machine learning tools to prioritise and reduce the time required for reviewing video interview responses including speech-to- text processing and natural language processing.

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Assessment for selection

Sova Assessment can be fully integrated with ATS technology for a seamless hiring journey for candidates and hiring managers, from whole-person screening, video interview through to assessment centre. Your assessment solution can be personalised with a range of flexible formats to reflect your organisation’s brand and target talent pool including video-based, chat-style, gamified, image and text-based assessment.

Video Interviewing

Sova’s video interviewing technology provides a consistent interview experience for every candidate and removes geographical barriers from the screening process. For organisations, video interviewing reduces the cost of hiring as there are no travel costs, plus no-shows at video interview are much less costly than for face-to-face interviews.

Digital Assessment Centre

The Sova Digital Assessment Centre is an opportunity to close the digital disconnect; to move away from time-consuming, paper-based, error-prone processes to a slick, online and collaborative platform. The digital assessment centre technology allows assessors to input their notes, ratings and scores directly online, improving consistency, identifying bias and saving time.

Assessment for development

Sova’s programme includes the Leadership Agility Assessment and Agility Practitioner Lab which have been built in collaboration with Dr Kiran Chitta. Kiran is a leading international organisational psychologist, specialising in global leadership and organisation development.

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Leadership Agility Assessment

The Sova Leadership Agility questionnaire is the start-point for our Agility Practitioner Lab. The questionnaire is completed online, on any mobile device, and takes approximately 30 minutes. Following submission of the questionnaire, individualised reports indicate areas of personal strength and areas for development, together with practical ideas and advice for building leadership agility.

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During the Agility Practitioner Lab we look at results of the leadership agility questionnaire for individuals, teams and groups. This provides powerful insight about how a team might work more effectively to drive change and transformation. This is the first step towards helping executives change leadership skills and equip them to build more agile organisations.

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