Recruitment Transformation

Talent Acquisition is critical to the success of any business, yet for many employers it remains an administrative function where reducing cost is the priority. Parisima works with organisations to transform their Recruitment from an administrative cost to a strategic enabler which delivers value to the business. We redesign your processes and technology, build sourcing channels and develop teams, transforming your Recruitment into world-class Talent Acquisition.

We utilize our Recruitment Diagnostic methodology to analyse performance and determine the process and technology changes that are required. Once agreed, these changes are then implemented within the Recruitment department, and rolled out across the organization.

We work with key stakeholders to understand your business and your hiring needs, to develop your employer brand and recruitment communications strategy, and we build your sourcing channels to ensure you have access to the talent your business needs.

Parisima will redesign your team structure to optimize service delivery to the business, rewriting job descriptions and recommending KPIs and SLAs for every role. Parisima will also undertake a detailed assessment of your current team to better understand their strengths and development needs, and map individuals to roles in the new structure.

Parisima is passionate about people development, and tailors its Recruiter training to your business, preparing every team member for their new role. We develop your team into expert recruiters, so every individual contributes to overall business success.

Our suite of KPIs and SLAs are customized to your business needs, enabling you to measure the efficiency, effectiveness and overall performance of Recruitment. We also build weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting templates, keeping your hiring managers and key stakeholders informed of progress and performance.

Recruitment is critical to every business; if your recruitment is not having a significant positive impact on your business performance, it’s not because your recruitment isn’t critical, it’s because it isn’t being done properly.