Nationalisation Hiring

It’s widely recognised that countries across the Middle East are committed to the welfare and development of their people. The governments’ encourage national hiring for citizens in both the public and the private sectors.

The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, Emirates National Development Program (ENDP) and other organisations have played a significant role in encouraging and promoting Emiratisation policies in the UAE, however there is much more to do and this is where Parisima’s specialist Emiratisation services can assist your business.

Parisima has successfully hired 9000 nationals on behalf of its clients across the region so understands the need for multiple sources in attracting individuals from this limited talent pool.

Understanding the following when hiring nationals is critical:

  • Remuneration, working hours and benefits
  • Geographical restrictions
  • National service obligations
  • Cultural understanding
  • Security and clearance procedures
  • Government quotas
  • Preferred industry sectors and transferable skills

Parisima is considered the ‘go to’ provider of local talent across the region and are committed to supporting the national visions’ for a more balanced representation of local nationals in the workplace.