Comprehensive Staff Management

Our Contract staffing team provide short-term and long-term staffing of professional talent across multiple sectors in the UAE and GCC.

We offer end-to-end management solutions beginning with onboarding, mobilisation, relocation and training when required. Strong local ties and an in-house government relations team ensure a smooth transition through visa processing and first-day induction.

Dedicated departments fulfil a wide scope of services, from payroll administration and medical care planning to leave and gratuity handling to repatriation. True to our pledge of responsibility, we guarantee compliance with regional laws and regulations, open lines of communication and the benefits of our supportive and welfare-driven culture.



Known for uncompromising standards, our experts work diligently to identify your unique hiring needs, benchmarking and screening contenders at our Assessment Centre. The goal: sourcing optimal talent for your business through a Search & Selection technique that saves you the time, effort and frustration of recruitment.