Interview and Behavioral Coaching

Caviar Spoon is Parisima’s partner of choice for candidate services.

Have you decided it’s time to build confidence, overcome fears, and get on with setting up or growing your business? Or perhaps you’re pulling double duty by climbing up the corporate ladder but also setting up a side business. Whatever your goals, sign up for intimate 1:1 sessions with Pra or one of her carefully vetted behavioral coaches to help you get there faster and with more self-assurance. These sessions can be in person (UAE only) or over Skype (anywhere around the world!).

Setting up a business can be a daunting move and every entrepreneur and business owner will tell you that the questions “Did I do the right thing?” and “Is it all worth it?” have crossed their minds at least once during their ventures. Coaching is no longer considered remedial help. In fact, you’ll find that most of the world’s most successful leaders and entrepreneurs all had (and probably still have) coaches at one point to provide them with external feedback and guidance.

You’ll be in good hands. Pra and her team of behavioral coaches are all fully accredited with a leaning towards neuroscience and behaviors, and have either received training through the acclaimed Marshall Goldsmith Academy in California or institutes such as the NeuroLeadership Institute.

What we’ll cover:

  • Whatever is on your mind!

What you’ll get out of it:

  • Hard measured results, a personalized action plan based on what we talk about, and the confidence to face what’s on your mind, overcome hurdles, and move forward with your goals.

Session options:

  • In person (UAE only)
  • Skype (global)

*Sessions are an hour long and the duration of coaching will be assessed during the consultation. We’re not life coaches, which means that as soon as we determine you’re ready to fly solo, we’ll cut the apron strings.

*One of the ways we ensure results is to carefully measure your successes while participating in coaching sessions. No fluff here!

The NeuroLeadership Institute is a leading global research organization and the pioneer of bringing neuroscience to leadership. Their Brain-Based Coaching Certification (BBCC) is a dynamic training opportunity that uses the latest in neuroscience research to help drive insights at a rapid pace, and is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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