Sova Assessment Suite

Sova Assessment is Parisima’s partner of choice for assessment solutions.

Assessment for selection:

  • Customised Solutions – Sova Assesment specialises in building bespoke solutions for our clients, tailored to their framework and reporting against their competency framework or values. Sova can host any content on its digital platform, which can be completed on mobiles, tablets or laptop devices. The digital platform can be customised to your brand guidelines. Contact us for a personalised demo –
  • Off-the Shelf – Sova provides leading edge tools which exceed the validity of traditional tools and can be completed faster and with a better candidate experience. The standard recruitment report provides quick and simple information to put the power of psychometrics into the hands of hiring managers and recruiters. These products include: Personality Questionnaire, Adaptive Ability Tests, Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) and Motivational Questionnaires.
  • Profiling services – As part of the search and recruitment process, Sova can offer support to Executive Search firms and their client’s where there is a need to undertake ad-hoc or targeted assessment of candidates. The assessment would involve psychometric profiling, business simulations, an interview and psychometric report highlighting strengths and likely development points and potential risk areas in relation to the job description.

Assessment for development and high potential

  • Leadership agility – measuring personality and motivational aspects of leaders and their potential to lead and manage complex change and transformation in the digital era.
  • Purpose built assessment tool targeted at leaders at all levels and high potential talent. Provides an assessment against the key psychological dimensions of agility (personality and motivation)
  • Gives participants a user friendly read-out on their strengths and areas of exposure for each dimension
    Contains a inbuilt measure of ‘paradoxical thinking’ – the ability to process organisational complexity, especially paradox

Potential DNA – measures potential in critical areas of work based on a personality assessment and presented in a user-friendly format.

This report is based on the individual’s completion of the personality questionnaire which explores their preferences and skills in critical work areas. The personality dimensions have been mapped onto a potential framework to illustrate how their fundamental behavioural preferences link to areas that are predictive of potential career success in the future.

Digital Assessment Centre and Video Interviewing

Sova provides digital technology to move our clients’ assessment centres into the modern age, providimg a seamless candidate and assessor interface to streamline and improve the robustness of Assessment Centres.

Sova is also expert in Assessment and Development Centres, providing assessment of graduates through to C-suite leaders using the latest business simulations, interviewing techniques and psychometric profiling using our highly qualified team of British Psychological Society Chartered Occupational Psychologists.

Artificial Intelligence

Sova assessments and platform benefit from the latest algorithms used for deriving insight from psychometrics and driving decision making. Sova AI crunches psychometric data to derive overall scores from multiple psychometrics. Reducing complex data in this way down to a single score can be used to help inform organisational decisions. The digital platform also provides summary analytics and data downloads to enable humans to work alongside the AI.

Sova insight and whitepapers