Robotic Process Automation and AI

Many organizations have digital transformation as a strategic priority. Emerging technologies like robotic automation and artificial intelligence are becoming more common within organisations which positively augment the work of employees.

Parisima partner, Augmented Workforce, helps organisations that want to digitally transform themselves and be leading in the 21st century.

Intelligent Automation Solutions can improve efficiency so that employees can focus on tasks that bring higher value to themselves and the organization in which they work. Automation will lead to faster and more accurate processing, an enhanced candidate experience and a higher level of auditability.

The latest technology has become less complicated and expensive to implement and often has a ROI of up to 200% in the first year.

Areas in which Intelligent automation can be applied are for example:

  • Recruitment process management
  • Interview scheduling
  • Backend HR processes
  • Payroll
  • Customer services
  • Accounting processes
  • Supply chain management

Parisima, in partnership with Augmented Workforce, offers the option to automate in-house or automate the process within the outsourced recruitment solution.

Augmented Workforce can manage the project to automate or apply AI from start to finish including:

  • Project scope, identify the areas suitable for intelligent automation
  • Project planning
  • Organise the project team
  • Vendor selection
  • Communication management
  • Implementation
  • Workforce transformation, training and coaching

We are vendor independent and work with various technologies including:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Speech and video analytics
  • Optical Character and Image Recognition (OCR)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Fuzzy Logic
  • Biometrics