Engagement Surveys (software) E2E

Engage2Excel (E2E) is Parisima’s partner of choice for employee engagement.

Engage2Excel engagement surveys combine the industry-leading RESPECT survey framework with its cloud-based survey platform that simplifies survey development, deployment, reporting and analytics. Easily measure the perspective of every employee within your enterprise using their mobile responsive, multi-language technology. Effortlessly analyze and compare survey results between workgroups or groups. Provide managers with the insight they need to improve performance and their leadership skills.

The RESPECT Survey System

Developed by world-renowned engagement survey expert and author Jack Wiley Ph.D., the RESPECT survey system helps you understand what employees want and provides a foundation for determining how engaged employees drive business performance.

Based on 30 years of research and surveys of millions of employees for leading global brands, the RESPECT survey system helps you understand survey results and put in place action plans to drive future success.

  • Gain valuable insights with the RESPECT Index, Engagement Index, Performance Confidence Index, Direct Manager Index and Senior Management Index.
  • Provide managers with a prescriptive diagnosis on the key drivers of engagement and how to effectively plan actions.
  • Determine the top drivers of engagement for the top 10% of leaders within your most important job families.