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Do you have the right talent infrastructure to support your business strategy?

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There is no doubt 2020 was challenging for everyone and many businesses had to make difficult decisions to cut costs and lose good people. It did, for some, provide an opportunity to create a more efficient organisation but as we move to cautious optimism and, perhaps, growth, do you have the right talent infrastructure to support the business strategy?

Like many back office functions, HR departments were hit hard in 2020, and in some cases regressed to a more administrative support function. Organisations across the region downsized HR teams as budgets for training were cut, and the diminished need to recruit meant that internal talent acquisition teams were cut, and in many cases removed altogether.

Although still circumspect, Q1 is now gaining momentum as vaccination programs ramp up and we see the possibility of returning to a new business as usual. The new year has brought with it new budgets, new strategies and new targets to meet, but businesses that don’t have the right people in the right jobs at the right time risk missing out on the revenue opportunities that are now appearing. Put simply, the need for strategic hiring cannot be ignored but many of the internal teams that managed this in the past are now gone, and there isn’t yet the confidence to replace them on a permanent basis.

Having hiring managers pick up the operational slack, so to speak, and managing their own hiring through recruitment agencies, is both inefficient and expensive. A managed service, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model is an alternative approach which provides the domain expertise, flexibility, and agility that many organisations need. Having Parisima focused on managing this critical activity for you enables you to focus on running your core business.

Key benefits of this approach vs traditional contingent recruitment agencies include:

Recruitment solution In-house RPO Recruitment agency
Can be deployed rapidly
Can scale quickly and easily in response to
changing business needs
Ensures we benefit from investment we have
made into processes and systems
Leverages our employer brand
Manages hiring end-to-end
Provides dedicated resource to manage
all my hiring needs
Is cost effective
Gives me activity and progress reports
weekly and monthly
Provides market intelligence and talent insights
Helps to ensure my long term talent acquisition objectives are met

With businesses having to be more agile than ever in order to survive, there is a need to be far more innovative in approaching talent acquisition. Minimising risk, improving efficiencies, saving money, time and securing better quality talent, is not just appealing, but essential in this new environment.