Total Hires over 12 months

Percentage that were external hires

Average salary per hire in USD (annual)


Total cost of recruitng and HR FTE dedicated to recruiting per annum (salaries, allowances and bonus)


Number of recruiters of HR FTE dedicated to recruitment

Average salary of those recruiting HR FTEs (salaries, allowances and bonus)

Total Staff Spend (Includes Average CTC Add'on)

$ 0

Spend on agencies and Search companies annually


% of hires made through agencies or search companies

Average % charged by those agencies/search companies

Total agency / search company spend (includes typical hidden spend of 10%)

$ 0

Total spend on assessment, marketing, databases and social media (LI, FB etc)

Total Spend

$ 0

Cost Per Hire USD

$ 0

Cost Per Hire %

0 %

Notes: This calculator only includes direct changeable costs, so does not include items such as interview costs, referral bounties, sign-on bonuses etc.