Why Parisima

About Parisima

We founded Parisima Talent because we believe recruitment in the region can and should be done better.

Finding people who can transform your business isn’t easy in an area where talent can be in frustratingly short supply. Our experience and tools give you the ability to attract the best people quickly and easily.

Subject matter expertise

What makes us so confident we can optimise your recruitment?

  • We have decades of experience working within the industry across the Middle East and internationally.
  • We’ve designed, implemented and managed talent acquisition strategies for both local and international organisations and understand how RPO adds value to your broader talent management lifecycle.
  • We’re flexible. We combine all the skill and experience of the bigger players but with more agility – so we’re more responsive and better suited to the fast changing needs of a growth market.
  • We’ve worked in the region for many years and understand the specific challenges faced by employers in the Middle East.
  • We’re passionate about what we do and want to share that with our clients to help them raise the bar for resourcing.

To understand your business we work as part of it

World class recruitment needs great recruiters, using leading edge tools to manage the best process for your business. We work with clients who need help in any of these areas to improve their resourcing.

We support organisations to optimise their talent acquisition capability, For some, this may mean we become part, or all, of their recruitment function. For others, we may provide specialist skills, tools or infrastructure to complement their internal resources.

One size does not fit all. We provide a bespoke resourcing solution to each of the organisations we partner with. Either way, we give you resourcing expertise that differentiates you as a prospective employer.


Our Expertise